Splatoon: results of the 5th Splatfest in Europe and North America

Splatfest (Europe)

The fifth Splatfest for Europe took place last week-end, and the theme was Tidy room vs Messy Room. Team Messy room was by far the most popular, with 56% of votes, and it was also the best Team with 52% of battles won. It’s an utter defeat for members of Team Tidy room, which were greatly outnumbered and unable to make it up by playing better than Team Messy room.

Here’s the full rundown:

  • Votes: Messy (56%) / Tidy (44%)
  • Wins: Messy (52%) / Tidy (48%)
  • Total: Messy (264) / Tidy (236)

Splatfest (North America)

The fifth Splatfest for North America also took place last week-end, and the theme was Art vs Science. Just like in Europe, it’s not the most popular team who won. Team Art was more popular, with 51% of all players votes, and they also managed to win more matches than Team Science (49%). Apparently, Marie was pretty sour when the results were announced!

Here’s the full rundown:

  • Votes: Art (51%) / Science (49%)
  • Wins: Art (51%) / Science (49%)
  • Total: Art (255) / Science (245)

Finally, here’s the recording of a Splatoon tournament held by YouTube at the Tokyo Game Show, yesterday!

Source: NeoGAF



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