Splatoon: the 10th Splatfest for Europe will take place next week

Splatfest are special 24 hour long events that take place regularly in Splatoon. During those, players have to answer a question (like “Do you prefer cats or dogs?”), before joining a team depending on their answer. At the end of each Splatfest, the team with the most points win, based on popularity and number of battles won.


A few minutes ago, Nintendo announced that the 10th Splatfest for Europe would take place on January 30th (next week), at the usual time. The theme is a variant of the one used during a previous North American Splatfest: “Would you rather be a Barbarian or a Ninja?” (vs. “Would you rather be a Pirate or a Ninja?”).

Splatfest EU 10It will take place from:

  • Europe: 7PM (January 30th)
  • UK: 6PM (January 30th)
  • North America (ET): 1PM (January 30th)
  • North America (PT): 10AM (January 30th)
  • Japan: 3AM (January 31st)

North America

In North America, the 10th Splatfest will take place next week-end, on January 15th-16th. This time around, the theme is the following: “Would you rather travel to the Past, or the Future?”. In other words, are you more into dinosaurs, or futuristic cities with robots and spaceships? You can cast your vote starting today!

Breaking news from the Squid Research Lab: We’ve just received this exclusive photograph that shows a dinosaur marching onto the set of Futurama. This can only mean one thing: IT’S SPLATFEST TIME!

Beginning tomorrow, head to the Inkopolis Plaza to vote on our newest theme: Would you rather travel to the past or the future? We realize this is a tough decision, so we’ve made a pros and cons list for you to consider:

Past Pros:

  • Dinosaurs are totally sweet.
  • It’s easier to stay on your Paleo diet in the Paleolithic era.
  • Caveman fashion was pretty fresh, assuming The Flintstones is an accurate documentation.

Past Cons:

  • Dinosaurs might eat you.
  • No burgers OR pizza.
  • Your mom might ask you to be her date to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

Future Pros:

  • Your best friend could be a robot.
  • Holodecks provide hours of entertainment, all without needing to leave your house!
  • Transportation potentially seems cooler: Rocketships? Scotty beaming you up?

Future Cons:

  • Robots might have gained intelligence and decided they’re not friendly.
  • What happens if your transporter makes a mistake and mixes you up with someone else? I think we’ve all seen The Fly enough times to know what could happen…
  • All food now comes in the form of an affordable and widely available pill, BUT IT’S ONLY AVAILABLE IN SQUID FLAVOR.

Splatfest NA 10This Splatfest will start at:

  • North America (ET): 12AM (January 16th)
  • North America (PT): 9PM (January 15th)
  • Europe: 6AM (January 16th)
  • UK: 5AM (January 16th)
  • Japan: 1PM (January 16th)

As usual, this one is only for players with a North American copy of Splatoon.

Source: Nintendo


Today, the Squid Research Lab announced that the 10th Splatfest for Japan would take place next week-end. The theme is the following: “Would you rather have a Perfect Body or a Perfect Brain?”. In other words: do you favor strength over intelligence? Obviously, a sensible person would tell you that you need both, but for this Splatfest, you need to chose!

Splatoon Splatfest JP 10This Splatfest will start at:

  • Japan: January 23rd (12PM)
  • Europe: January 23rd (4AM)
  • UK: January 23rd (3AM)
  • North America (ET): January 22nd (10PM)
  • North America (PT): January 22nd (7PM)

As usual, this one is only for players with a Japanese copy of Splatoon.

Here’s some illustrations:

Source: Nintendo



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