[Update] Splatoon 2: exclusive CoroCoro collaboration gear set revealed

In order to promote Splatoon, Nintendo added various bits of collaboration gear in Splatoon, for Ika Musume / Squid Girl and CoroCoro magazine among others. And it looks like the magazine is getting the same treatment in Splatoon 2, with an exclusive collaboration gear set designed in collaboration with the Squid Research Lab.

That special gear set is called the Emperor Gear, and it’s made of three elements (headgear, clothes, and footwear). The design is based on the Emperor: a character from the official Splatoon manga, which happens to be serialised in… CoroCoro magazine!

That Emperor Gear set will be available next month. However, there’s a catch: to get it, you need a serial code, which can be found in the January issue of CoroCoro magazine (releasing on December 15th). It will be impossible to get it any other way (at least, at the beginning, we don’t know if there will be other opportunities to get it at a later date).

Here’s some details about each piece of gear from the Emperor Gear set:

  • Kaiser Cuff (headgear, Ink Saver (Main))
  • King Bench Kaiser (clothes, Run Speed Up)
  • Imperial Kaiser (footwear, Swim Speed Up)

And here’s what the Emperor Gear set looks like:

Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether this special gear will also be added to the European and North American versions of Splatoon 2. Data is most likely going to be added anyway, but we don’t know if players will be able to access it. Since CoroCoro magazine is only published in Japan, if the collaboration gear was to be released in Europe and North America, it wouldn’t work with a serial code.

Source: CoroCoro



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