Save me Mr Tako: official Q&A

Yesterday, Nicalis shared a Q&A with Christophe Galati, creator of Save me Mr Tako (a retro, GameBoy-inspired action/platformer for the Nintendo Switch).

Here’s the various questions asked (and answered!) in this Q&A:

  • What was the inspiration behind the concept for Save me Mr Tako! and what influences did you have when you began developing it?
  • In the era of lifelike graphics and 4K resolution, why create a retro-style Game Boy tribute game now? What about Save me Mr Tako! do you think will appeal to modern players?
  • How were you able to capture the look/sound/feel of the Game Boy era and what tools did you use during development?
  • Tell us a little bit about the main character, the backstory in the game and the journey that players will embark on.
  • How would you describe the style of gameplay?
  • What additional options and features can players look for?
  • What are you most excited for players to experience in the game?
  • When can players get their hands on Save me Mr Tako!? [Spoiler: no actual release date is given!]

Click here to check out all the answers!

Finally, here’s some concept pictures:

Save me Mr. Tako (Switch – eShop) does not have a relese date yet, but should be released later this year in Europe and North America.



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