Switch milestones: Bokura / Picross e series / Alphadia series


Kodansha Games has announced that Bokura, the reality-bending co-op adventure game developed by tokoronyori, has been downloaded over 100 000 times since launch. Unfortunately, no platform or regional breakdown is provided.

To celebrate the milestone, the game will be on sale in North America: $3.84 (instead of $5.49) from September 20th to September 25th.

Source: Kodansha PR (19/09/2023)

Picross e series

Jupiter has announced that the 9 games in the Picross e series on Nintendo 3DS (Picross e, Picross e2, Picross e3, Picross e4, Picross e5, Picross e6, Picross e7, Picross e8, and Picross e9) have sold over 680 000 units combined. Unfortunately, no breakdown is provided (game or region).

Speaking of the Picross e games, they’re coming next year on Nintendo Switch as Picross S+. The game will cost 4.99€ / £3.99 / $4.99 and include all the puzzles from the first game, with those from subsequent games (Picross e2 to e9) available as paid DLC 4.99€ / £3.99 / $4.99.

Source: Jupiter (Twitter)

Alphadia series

Kemco has announced that the various games in the Alpha series have sold over 500 000 units combined. Unfortunately, no further details were shared (game, platform, or region breakdown).

Source: Kemco (YouTube)


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