Puzzle & Dragons: more screenshots (monsters/bosses, collab.), footage

Besides Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi / Tempura, there’s another kids-focused cross-media franchise that’s getting a game in July: Puzzle & Dragons X. Unlike Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition (which basically was a Super Mario Bros.-themed version of Puzzle & Dragons), this one is an actual RPG in the vein of Puzzle & Dragons Z (but with a 3D overworld, this time around).

Puzzle & Dragons X is launching in less than a week in Japan, on July 28th. Ahead of the launch, Famitsu has shared even more screenshots on their special website dedicated to the game.

Those screenshots show various elements, including some monsters/bosses (some of them are making their comeback from Puzzle & Dragons Z), and even the collaborations with Taiko Drum Master and Monster Hunter Stories (announced a few weeks ago).

Here’s the latest batch of screenshots for Puzzle & Dragons X:

If screenshots are not really your thing, and you prefer gameplay footage, you’re in luck! Here’s not one, but two videos for the game:

Puzzle & Dragons X: Kami no Shou / Ryuu no Shou (3DS) comes out on July 28th in Japan. Unfortunately, given the really poor sales of the game in Europe and North America, a western release seems rather unlikely at this point.

Source: Famitsu



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