Puyo Puyo Chronicle: details and videos for the 18 rules, retailer bonuses

December 8th is a day fans of the Puyo Puyo series are waiting for with great anticipation, since that’s when Puyo Puyo Chronicle comes out on Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The game will feature a full-fledged RPG as its main story mode, with a 3D world to explore, 3D characters to interact with, battles, RPG elements, and more.

But besides the Story Mode, Puyo Puyo Chronicle will also feature 18 rules for you to play with. Most of them can be played in Single Player and Multiplayer, but there’s also some that can be play online, or only in multiplayer. Rules playable in Multiplayer can be played via Local wireless, and are compatible with Download Play.

Here’s the details about all 18 rules in Puyo Puyo Chronicle:

  • Puyo Puyo Fever (Single Player, Multiplayer, Internet Play)
  • Mega Puyo (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Excavation (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Non-Stop Fever (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Skill Battle (Multiplayer, Internet Play)
  • Active (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Quartet (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Ice Blocks (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Giant Slalom (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Mega Puyo Rush (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Block Puyo (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Big Bang (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Chibi Excavation (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Yontesaki (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Puyo Puyo (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Puyo Puyo Tsu (Single Player, Multiplayer, Internet Play)
  • Puyo Puyo SUN (Single Player, Multiplayer)
  • Nazo Puyo (Single Player, Multiplayer)

What’s more, SEGA has shared a gameplay video for each one of these rules. Here’s a YouTube playlist with all 18 videos (listed in the same order):

SEGA also revealed the various retailer bonuses:

  • Amazon.co.jp: PC wallpaper
  • Joshin Denki (inc. web store): smartphone wallpaper
  • SEGA Store (Famitsu DX Packs): click here for more details!
  • Toys ‘R Us: magnets
  • WonderGoo: rubber strap

Here’s some pictures for those goodies:

Puyo Puyo Chronicle (3DS) comes out on December 8th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu



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