Famicom: Famimaga getting first new issue in 222 months for the Famicom Mini + Famitsu Tsushin

Family Computer Magazine (also known as Famimaga) is the name of a magazine that first appeared in 1985, and was dedicated to Nintendo’s first home console. It was recently announced that, for the first time in 222 months, Tokuma Shoten was going to publish a new issue to celebrate the release of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer.

The cover (which can be seen below) was quite naturally made to look like those of the magazine itself (when it was still in print), for maximum nostalgia. It will also include regular features from the original magazins, including the comics. But that’s not all: it will come with a massive 1000 page appendix (as pdf), featuring the 30 games from the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer and more.

This special issue of Famimaga will cost 1980 Yen, will have 80 pages, and will be released on November 14th in Japan.

Finally, the December issue of Nintendo Dream (releasing tomorrow) will come with a Famimaga Mini supplement. It will be 100 page long, and feature the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer and its games. The magazine itself costs 980 Yen, and unlike Famimaga’s, the supplement will not be available as a .pdf, but will actually be printed.

[Update!] It turns out that Famitsu magazine will also release a special issue dedicated to the Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom, on November 10th. The special issue will use the Famicom Tsushin name, which is the name Famitsu magazine was known by when it first launched back in 1986. It will come with some stickers featuring illustrations from the original Famicom cartridges. It will cost 999 Yen.

Here’s some pictures:

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer will be released on November 10th in Japan. The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System will be released on November 11th in Europe and North America.

Source: IT Media / Famitsu



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