Puyo Puyo Chronicle: even more characters and skills revealed

Today, SEGA shared the latest batch of details for Puyo Puyo Chronicle, which comes out this week in Japan (on December 8th). Once again, some new characters are revealed, along with their skills.

The new characters for Puyo Puyo Chronicle introduced today are:

Puyo Puyo Chronicle – Characters appearing in the second half of the game

  • Schezo (voiced by Masakazu Morita): a rather cool dark wizard, known for frequently uttering carelessly worded comments. He uses the Dark Sword.
  1. Auto Skill: Wizard of Darkness (increases Attack Power of all allies)
  2. Special Skill: Areiado (changes the colour of Puyo to Purple)
  • Ecolo (voiced by Akira Ishida): a rather mysterious being, known as a space-time traveler.
  1. Auto Skill: Let’s play! (improves the efficiency of skills)
  2. Special Skill: Boyoyoon (changes the colour of Puyo)
  • Accord & Popoi (voiced by Miwa Kouzuki) a king and mysterious teacher from the Primp Town magic school. She’s always carrying around a black cat called Popoi.
  1. Auto Skill: Nuki Uchi Test (increases Attack Power of all allies)
  2. Special Skills: Fermata (increases resistance of all allies (Blue))

Puyo Puyo Chronicle – Characters that appear in Story Mode, but can only be used in Skill Battle

  • Seriri (voiced by Haruka Yoshimura): a pretty shy and nervous mermaid, and a bit of a crybaby. She believes that everyone approachin her is going to tease her.
  1. Auto Skill: Pichipichiyo! (Damage Cut)
  2. Special Skill: Leave me alone! (HP Recovery)
  • Harpy (voiced by Risa Taneda): a winged girl who loves to sing… despite having a horrible voice.
  1. Auto Skill: Resonating Singing Voice (Recovery up)
  2. Special Skill: Harahirehorehare (lowers Defense of all opponents)
  • Lagnus (voiced by Akira Miki): a hero from another world, who bears a child-like figure for some unknown reason. He can go back to an adult body if he gets enough experience points, but only temporarily.
  1. Auto Skill: Hero’s Strength (increases Attack Power)
  2. Special Skill: Hero’s Dust (increases Attack Power of all allies)
  • Dongurigareru (voiced by Naomi Wakayabashi): a strange creature from the Acorn frog species, who loves singing. He moves pretty quickly, and so is quite hard to catch.
  1. Auto Skill: Gerogero! (HP up)
  2. Special Skill: Good Spirits Song (increases Attack Power of all allies (Green))
  • Onion Pixy (voiced by Noriko Namiki): the young child of a demon, with an onion as a head. He belongs to the Onion species. In order to prove his love to Oniko, he’s once again engaging in Puyo battles.
  1. Auto Skill: Cut on (Damage Cut)
  2. Special Skill: Baggong (removes one hand of Puyo)

Here’s artworks for those Puyo Puyo Chronicle characters:

Puyo Puyo Chronicle (3DS) comes out on December 8th in Japan.

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