Project X Zone 2: free DLC, opening/ending CD out next month

Project X Zone 2Project X Zone 2: Brave New World comes out today, and to celebrate, Bandai-Namco has some free DLC for players. Of course, there’s nothing major: just a bunch of extra items, which should still prove useful. Here’s the items from the “Trial Cross Item Pack” available via the Add-on Content menu in-game:

  • Weapon: Moonlight Spear (x1)
  • Accessory: Topaz Medal (x1)
  • Item: Special Choice – Deep-fried tofu set (x1)
  • Item: Urashima Special – Secret medecine (x1)
  • Item: Black Liver Bean (x1)

But that’s not all: Bandai-Namco also revealed that the single for the Opening / Ending themes for Project X Zone: Brave New World would be released on December 2nd in Japan. Here’s some details about the CD:


  • Opening: Seika wa Hitotsu no Butai
  • Ending: Tsuki Akari no Curtain Call
  • Music by Yuzo Koshiro
  • Lyrics by Soichiro Morizumi (Director of the game)
  • Vocals by marina
  • Release date: December 2nd
  • Price: 1 200 Yen + taxes

Here’s the cover of the CD:

Project X Zone 2: Brave New World (3DS) comes out on February 16th in North America, and February 19th in Europe.




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