Potion Permit (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.0.12/1.0.5/1.0.0)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Potion Permit on Nintendo Switch (originally released on September 22nd 2022 in North America and Europe, and February 9th 2023 in Japan)!

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Potion Permit – Ver. 1.0.12 (Japan: Ver. 1.0.5 / Complete Edition: Ver. 1.0.0)

  • Release date: September 29th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New Content
  • Cinematic opening animation
  • New romanceable characters (Lucke and Runeheart)
  • Indonesian language
  • Traditional Chinese language
Bug Fixing:
  • UI Font size adjustment to the previous chemists’ notes key items
  • Fixed Dating Intro event activation time
  • Fixed Olive FP2 event activation time
  • Fixed Xiao FP3 event activation time
  • Fixed Tourist side event activation time
  • Fixed sequence error in Mosquitoes side event
  • Fixed Matheo’s disappearance at the end of his Confession event
  • Fixed sequence error in Garret FP2 event
  • Adjustments to Opalheart FP2 event
  • Adjustments to 2nd Blacksmith Upgrade event
  • Adjustments to Mariele’s position in Rue FP3 event
  • Fixed sequence error in Ottmar FP2 event
  • Fixed sequence error in Cliff side event
  • Fixed missing dialogue in Cold Residue event
  • Fixed Hannah FP2’s quest details
  • Fixed missing bulletin for Kipps FP2 event
  • Fixed missing bulletin for Fountain Restoration Milestone event
  • Fixed missing bulletin for Black Lotus event
  • Fixed missing bulletin for Leano Confession event
  • Fixed locked tutorial contents being revealed when changing language in Settings
  • Fixed some crops missing from Bubble’s grow box
  • Fixed Passed Out event trigger
  • Fixed Quality Nut material’s region detail
  • Fixed wide screen size of the Main Menu’s background
  • Fixed black screen size during patients’ diagnosis phase
  • Fixed asset layering order of the farm animals
  • Fixed Quest & Bulletin titles for the 1st & 2nd Fishing Rod quests to align with the key item names
  • Fixed Quest Board <!> hint icon that won’t disappear
  • Fixed NPCs being under the bed when interacted with on waking up
  • Fixed different recipe order between PC and consoles
  • Fixed reeling SFX that keeps on playing after cancelling fishing
  • Tweaked mash button system in grape grinding mini game
  • Fixed potion quantity detection when it’s not available during diagnosis
  • Fixed count down SFX delay during part-time tutorial
  • Fixed Osman & Mariele’s Positions at the Farmhouse on Friday
  • Fixed Quest Board Intro event played during Packing Goods part-time at Town Hall
  • Fixed delete save file button not functioning properly using mouse on 2nd deletion attempt
  • Fixed ringing alarm but there’s no patient in the Clinic
  • Fixed previous chemist notes can’t be picked up again after reloading
  • Fixed cropped NPC dialog textbox
  • Fixed notification above Cauldron after exiting to Main Menu & reloading save
  • Fixed red circle not in place in diagnosis mini game
  • Added skip function for the Main Menu animation
  • Fixed overlapping NPCs in Runeheart FP2 event
  • Fixed some UI issues on a particular screen resolution
  • Fixed color of scarf & clothes got switched on the save file selection screen
  • Fixed “report’ words terminology in French
  • Fixed wrong icon display on the Grow Box UI
  • Fixed missing letter within Korean language
  • Fixed Nova’s walking path in the Town Hall
  • Balancing EXP acquired from fishing
  • Adjusted furniture cost at Bulk and Build
  • Adjusted upgrade cost at Bulk and Build
  • Adjusted upgrade cost at Hearts and Sparks Shop
  • Adjusted field obstacles unlock cost
  • Fixed text alignment within quest tracker
  • Fixed enemies’ health bar glitch
  • Applied changes to the skip trailer button for a better UX
  • Fixed missing Dating Intro event activation on Lucke and Runeheart FP3
  • Fixed bubble text overlapping with NPC interaction UI when NPC is behind a shop counter
  • Fixed display bug on the Quest Board’s UI
  • Fixed missing characters within Simplified and Traditional Chinese languages
  • Fixed missing line in Opalheart’s introduction dialogue
  • Fixed furniture’s name glitch in & after exiting Room Editor
  • Fixed Quest text margin on several languages
  • Implemented prevention for Steam achievements resetting
  • Fixed cannot get the “Moonbury Navigator” achievement
Nintendo Switch Specific:
  • Fixed game failed to boot in all the supported languages (system language) on a fresh boot
  • Fixed plus and minus buttons mapping error
  • Fixed MC’s changing hair color glitch

Potion Permit – Ver. 1.0.11

  • Release date: September 29th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • New romanceable characters (Helene and Victor)
  • New arcade mini-games
  • New side quests and events
  • Updated patients’ body parts terminology for better UX purposes
  • Rework delete files user interface to prevent player accidentally deleting save file
Bug Fix:
  • Fixed restricted element display information while brewing certain potions
  • Fixed carry over save for Leano’s friendship quest
  • Fixed multiple new recipe notification unlocked after loading game
  • Fixed control issue navigating between recipes when displaying restricted elements
  • Fixed bushes collider between Myer and Dev/Dan’s house
  • Fixed missing cooking recipes: Ginseng Soup and Omelet
  • Fixed carry over save for Ginseng Soup and Omelet cooking recipes
  • Excluded several events that previously related to progression bar within save data
  • Fixed overlapping text from other NPCs within Martha’s friendship event
  • Adjusted some body part diagnose point locations
  • Fixed carry over save for Mariele’s friendship quest
  • Fixed ginseng soup UX that mistakenly unlock recipe state
  • Fixed character assets glitch
  • Fixed player end position within Landslide Quest
  • Fixed cooking recipe display when is not yet unlocked
  • Fixed minor mouse bug on dog finding NPC
  • Fixed dog Find NPC located on the second floor
  • Fixed dog cannot find NPC
  • Fixed button display problem while shop pop-up displayed
  • Fixed legend didn’t show up within photo album user interfaces
  • Fixed tutorial journal showing the wrong button
  • Fixed overlapping tilemap in the Glaze Iceberg
  • Fixed skipped dog’s digging interaction during finding NPC
  • Fixed quest tracking position within world map
  • Adjusted text box characters limit in world map
  • Adjusted UX within quest notification specifically after an event
  • Expanded size button confirmation within pop-up UI
  • Fixed Helene character missing sprite
  • Fixed beach umbrella clipping issue
  • Expanded HUD text box character limit
  • Adjusted inventory text box character
  • Adjusted NPC image within quest complete pop-up
  • Fixed graphic glitch near Primerose Sail
  • Fixed point of light graphic glitch within world map
  • Fixed ellipsis within German languages
  • Fixed several missing and misplacement tutorial
  • Fixed reset state quest hint within cauldron
  • Adjusted furniture edit mode user interfaces for better UX
  • Fixed character stuck after NPC interaction
  • Fixed fast travel point name within World Map
  • Fixed overlapping text buttons during diagnosis
  • Fixed carry over save for exploited desert quest
  • Fixed arrow cursor display within bulletin board
  • Fixed pie position within Mercy’s friendship event
  • Fixed overlapping NPC image within diagnose complete
  • Adjusted font size within note display to prevent exceeding text within certain languages
  • Fixed dialog box clipping issues within certain area
  • Adjusted text character limit within mini-game
  • Adjusted text character limit within news board whenever there’s no active quest
  • Expanded camera confiner size within Town Hall 1F
  • Adjusted table collider within Town Hall 1F
  • Adjusted symptom layout to prevent exceeding text within certain language
  • Adjusted text title issue within obstacle user interface
  • Fixed control input detection issues while the state of the game is inactive
  • Adjusted several pop-up layering problems when interacting with objects
  • Adjusted text for key binding notification
  • Fixed arcade machine object pixel unit
  • Fixed cursor issues after the research mini-game has been completed
  • Fixed cutscene loading screen that sometimes causing image flickering
  • Fixed Dog NPC search interrupted while digging

Potion Permit – Ver. 1.0.10

  • Release date: May 4th 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

  • Added Grow Box feature
  • Added Ranger Post tutorial & event


  • Fishing bar progress requirements adjustment
  • Furniture pricing adjustment
  • Fixed minor bug on world map
  • Fixed fish weight display
  • Fixed Godspeed Game’s logo display within credits
  • Fixed Olive’s schedule

Potion Permit – Ver. ???

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
v. 1.12
  • Added Japanese language
  • Fixed an issue with Bluetooth controller detection
  • Fixed the operational hours of closed buildings
  • Fixed an issue with disabled button input after events
  • Fixed material layering on the potion crafting screen
  • Adjustment exploited plains and exploited snow events
  • Fixed the reset delay when starting a new event

v. 1.13

  • Fixed Russo and Kipps animation on the bench
  • Added serum unlocked notification
  • Fixed plant spawning time after event
  • Fixed time skip during part-time work event
  • Fixed stuck diagnosis when MC collapses at 2 o’clock

Potion Permit – Ver. 1.0.9

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
Major bug fixes:
  • Fixed diagonal movement
  • Fixed event skip
Minor bug fixes:
  • Fixed map city gate wall material
  • Fixed map city camera confiner
  • Fixed purchase options in the carpenter shop
  • Fixed Noxe sprite asset
  • Fixed desert map collider
  • Fixed material notification bug within journal
  • Fixed double damage received by main character
  • Fixed character control when passed out
New content:
  • Revamped fishing bar user interfaces
  • Added quantity limit warning in shop
  • Added text warning when deleting save data

Potion Permit – Ver. 1.0.8

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
Major bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where dialog would get stuck during group conversations
  • Fixed warning user interface lock within several interactions
  • Added a delay to the load menu to fix a menu bug
Minor bug fixes:
  • Fixed the duck movement
  • Fixed male hair
  • Fixed Yorn friendship event dialog
  • Fixed the carpenter pricing after upgrading

Potion Permit – Ver. 1.0.7

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed Moon Brooch cash machine layering
  • Fixed Japanese text display
  • Fixed the minimap icon display
  • Fixed some Meadow Range object collisions
  • Fixed a cooking bug that caused multiple ingredients to be used
  • Fixed the room editor displaying keyboard icons when using a controller
  • Fixed a rogue arrow displaying on the settings menu
  • Fixed the inventory cursor displaying during recipe selection
  • Simplified the messaging when lacking resources
  • Changed terminology for controls
  • Added an “exit blocked” message in the room editor
  • Removing a bed will no longer pause the room editor
  • Fixed daily romance dialog
  • Fixed Helene’s friendship event 1 text in all languages
  • Fixed the group dialog between Socellia and Russo
  • Removed a dummy shop item
  • Fixed an issue with changing the journal quest target with keyboard/mouse
  • Updated the patient satisfaction bar
  • Fixed a bug where Dev and Dan appeared in the bathhouse together
  • Fixed the Majestic Horn location in the journal
  • Fixed the Mountain Ox location in the journal
  • Fixed a time formatting issue
  • Fixed a time display after death issue
  • Fixed a bug resetting the bulletin board
  • Fixed a bug reassigning an event delay
  • Fixed a bug carrying over demo progress
  • Fixed a bug with journal notifications
  • Adjusted the minigame score counter alignment
  • Fixed an angry dialog bug caused when spamming confirm and cancel inputs
  • Added mounds around town
  • Fixed Derrek and Dean’s house chair
  • Polished interior camera
  • Balanced the pricing of worms
  • Fixed a bug during Martha’s friendship quest
  • Fixed the dog tracking tutorial
  • Fixed the bulletin board description for Russo’s friendship event 2
  • Fixed Matheo’s house interior
  • Fixed a camera shake bug
  • Fixed leaf particle displays
  • Added additional information to find Dev/Dan
  • Fixed enemy transparency
  • Fixed HP/Stamina bar not filling to full
  • Fixed the HP/Stamina bar warning color after eating food
  • Fixed the “pin quest” text display in the journal
  • Fixed the tree stump display
  • Fixed the dog clipping around Dean and Derrek’s house
  • Updated the dog friendship bar display
  • Adjusted apple selling price
  • Fixed corn’s location in the journal
  • Fixed Socellia’s friendship event dialogue
  • Fixed Clinic upgrade 3 dialogue
  • Fixed the arcade interior camera
  • Fixed the journal display after changing the game language
  • Fixed an unmatched control prompt (on console)
  • Fixed the carpenter list not refreshing prices after a purchase
  • Fixed Matheo’s friendship event 3 trigger and description
  • Fixed Koblin Mage’s location in the journal
  • Fixed name display in the credits (for GodSpeed Games)
  • Adjusted character limits for Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Fixed an issue where time was not paused after upgrading at the carpenter or blacksmith
  • Fixed an issue where the navigational arrow was missing on tutorial pop ups
  • Fixed an issue where the navigational arrow was missing in the journal

Potion Permit – Ver. 1.0.6

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
Major bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with quests not appearing after loading a save
  • Fixed a character hair color bug
Minor bug fixes:
  • Fixed a control loss bug when interacting with characters or the dog
  • Fixed a UI legend display issue
  • Fixed an issue with recipe ingredients usage
  • Adjusted Dean’s friendship event
  • Adjusted Derrek’s friendship event
  • Adjusted the time for Osman’s event
  • Fixed Nova’s friendship level 2 sequence
  • Adjusted Helene’s friendship level 2 sequence
  • Adjusted Forrest’s friendship level 1 event
  • Fixed props in Forrest’s friendship level 2 event
  • Fixed a false alarm bug (sometimes the alarm goes on, but no patients at clinic)
  • Fixed Mercy friendship level 2 dialog stuck
  • Fixed Cassandra friendship level 1 animation offset
  • Fixed Forrest’s friendship level 2 dialog
  • Fixed Garret’s friendship level 2 dialog
  • Fixed dialog for dating intro event for all languages (excl. Korean)
  • Fixed furniture blocking the way out from bed
Minor adjustments:
  • The church signboard has been relocated
  • Bathhouse events can no longer be skipped
  • Myer’s friendship level 1 event time adjusted

Potion Permit – Ver. 1.0.5

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
Content additions:
  • Added an option to stop fishing
  • Dialog text size is now adjustable in the settings menu
  • New controller button icons have been added to the main menu
  • Keybinding has been updated to improve the user experience
Minor bug fixes:
  • Fixed Matheo’s confession event
  • Fixed Xiao’s friendship level 2 event
  • Fixed Martha cliff date
  • Fixed Nova’s date introduction
  • Fixed Nova’s date intro text from 3 to 5
  • Fixed Xiao confession animation and delay
  • Fixed Kipps friendship level 1 image layering
  • Fixed Lucke friendship level 2 event
  • Fixed issues with main and side quests missing
  • Fixed Victor’s quest looping
  • Fixed Osman’s friendship quest trigger
  • Fixed Dean’s friendship quest trigger
  • Fixed Matheo’s friendship event dialogue
  • Fixed the Coldbloom event sequence
  • Fixed Dan’s idle animation
  • Fixed Matheo’s sit layering
  • Derrek friendship event timing was adjusted
  • Added the missing key item for Xiao’s friendship level 3 event
  • Adjusted Leano’s friendship quest delivery items
  • Fixed public quest requirement quantity
  • Fixed Runeheart’s name in French
  • Fixed the main character hair glitch
  • Reduced controller vibration strength
  • Fixed plains map big rock layering
  • Updated all map obstacles
  • Fixed several lines of dialogue
  • Fixed the whack-a-mole scoring board

How to download updates for Potion Permit for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Potion Permit, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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