PokéNews (Sept. 11): Pokémon Sun and Moon (Shiny Silvally, Japan) / Pokkén Tournament DX

Today’s Pokémon news: Syny Silvally distribution for Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan, but also…

  • Pokkén Tournament DX
  • Domino King
  • Pokémon TCG

Pokémon Sun and Moon – Shiny Silvally (Japan)

Today, a new Pokémon distribution for Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan has been “announced” via promotional material for the Pokémon TCG. From September 22nd to October 16th, Japanese players will be able to get a Serial Code for Shiny Silvally (Level 100, and holding a Gold Battle Cap). The code will have to be used before November 16th.

Unfortunately, we don’t know where the Serial Code will be available from, or whether this particular distribution is coming to Europe and North America. In the mean time, we have updated the list of Serial Codes for Pokémon Sun and Moon!

Source: Serebii

Pokkén Tournament DX

Here’s the latest mini-trailer for Pokkén Tournament DX, showcasing Chandelure:

Pokkén Tournament DX (Switch) comes out on September 22nd worldwide.

Domino King

Here’s the latest video from the Domino King, focusing on Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina!

Pokémon TCG

Last week, The Pokémon Company announced that the latest expansion for the Pokémon Sun and Moon TCG would be released on November 3rd. Called Crimson Invasion, it features the very Ultra Beasts that were announced at the Pokémon World Championships last month.

This expansion includes the following:

  • Over 110 cards
  • 8 new Pokémon-GX (including Alolan Exeggutor-GX and Gyarados-GX)
  • 9 new Trainer cards and 1 new Special Energy card
  • The Ultra Beasts make their debut, including Guzzlord-GX and Nihilego-GX!

Players who want an early chance to battle with the new cards will be able to do so at pre-release tournaments, up to 2 weeks prior to the launch of the expansion. Oh, and if you prefer to play via the Pokémon TCG Online, then no need worry: as usual, this new expansion will be available in-game on the same day!

Source: The Pokémon Company



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