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PokéNews (November 1): Pokémon Sword and Shield / Pokémon anime series

Today’s Pokémon news: latest videos for Pokémon Sword and Shield, but also…

  • Pokémon anime series
  • Pokémon GO
  • Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Tetris 99
  • Pokémon TCG
  • Pokémon merchandise
  • Game Freak
  • Pokémon Kids TV

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Here’s the latest videos for Pokémon Sword and Shield, with:

  • the latest overview video
  • the latest TV Commercial

Pokémon Sword and Shield (Switch) comes out on November 15th worldwide.

Pokémon anime series

Here’s the debut trailer for the next Pokémon anime series, which debuts on November 17th in Japan:

And here’s a couple of additional pictures, including a new key visual:

Source: Famitsu

Pokémon GO


Niantic have announced that Cobalion (Steel and Fighting type Legendary Pokémon) will be available from 5 Stars Raids from November 4th to November 26th.

Source: Niantic

Research Breakthrough

Niantic have announced that Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Kyogre, Groudon will be available as Research Breakthrough rewards from November 1st to January 1st.

Source: Niantic

Nintendo Switch Lite

Here’s a video showcasing the Pokémon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch Lite model, now available in Japan:

The Pokémon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch Lite model comes out on November 8th in Europe and North America.

Tetris 99

The next Online Event for Tetris 99 is a special collaboration with Pokémon Sword and Shield, and it takes place from November 8th to November 12th. Check out more details about it on this page!

Here’s a video of the special theme you can unlock thanks to this event:

Source: Nintendo

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Today, the latest expansion for the Pokémon Sun and Moon Trading Card Game, Cosmic Eclipse, was released in Europe and North America. It includes the following:

  • Nine new TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX
  • Seven more Pokémon-GX
  • More than 20 Trainer cards and a new Special Energy card

And here’s a promo video, some details, and some pictures:

This new set includes various Pokémon and Trainer TAG TEAM combinations along with new TAG TEAM trios. Two exciting TAG TEAM trios arrive on the scene in Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse for players to collect and use in battle. Mythical and Legendary Pokémon collide with Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX, which will prove to be a powerful addition to any deck. In addition, looks can be deceiving with the adorable yet powerful trio of Togepi & Cleffa & Igglybuff-GX. The expansion will also feature new TAG TEAM Supporter cards that include two characters on a single Trainer card, such as Red & Blue and Cynthia & Caitlin. Special versions of select cards are also included in Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse, which feature illustrations of Pokémon with their Trainers.

Source: The Pokémon Company PR

Pokémon merchandise

Here’s a video and some pictures of the latest PokéBall toy from Japan (this time from Takara-Tomy), releasing on November 16th in Japan (price: 6 990 Yen):

Source: 4Gamer

Game Freak

Here’s the latest video from the Game Freak YouTube Channel:

Pokémon Kids TV

Here’s the latest video from the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube Channel:


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