PokéNews (Feb. 13, Round 2): Pokémon Duel / Pokémon GO

Today’s Pokémon news: plenty of details about the massive Z-Powered Update for Pokémon Duel, but also…

  • Pokémon GO
  • Media Ambition Tokyo

Pokémon Duel

Today, the long-awaited Z-Powered Update for Pokémon Duel was released. It brings quite a lot of changes. First: Time Boosters. They lower the amount of less time required to be unlocked without using gems, when you win a League Match.

The update also introduces a Player Pass system, which completely replaces Boosters and the ability to purchase Gems. It costs $16.99 (monthly subscription with auto-renawal), and includes the following:

  • 6 “free” figures per month, with 1 additional figure for each consecutive month with a running subscription (all the way to 4 extra figures during the 5th month). If you subscribe during the first month (until March 13th), then you will get the same amount of figures than if you had been subscribed for 5 months;
  • updated Monthly Point Rewards, including exclusive figures such as Mega Absol, Necrozma Dusk Mane, and Necrozma Dawn Wings;
  • discounts on purchasing figures
  • free Celebi figure for players who sign up within the first 14 days (after completing the tutorial. Starts today if you’ve already completed it);
  • figures and plates storage increase (1 000).

If $16.99 is a bit too pricey for you, there are other purchase options:

  • 3-Day Duel Boost ($9.99): double monthly points for the Monthly Point Rewards (+ you get 500 monthly points as bonus), allows you to unlock as many Time Boosters as you want, increases by 10 your chances of getting Time Boosters (Rainbow);
  • 3-Hour Duel Boost ($4.99): includes an improved Enhancement Boost, 150 Monthly Points, and 10 Monthly Points when you losse a League Match.

Speaking of purchases, new sets are available:

  • Shiny Mewtwo Set ($6.99): includes Shiny Mewtwo and 34 Gems
  • Shiny Mega Mewtwo X Set: ($9.99): includes Shiny Mega Mewtwo X and 70 Gems
  • Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y Set ($9.99) : includes Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y and 70 Gems

But the main new feature is Z-Moves, and to celebrate, all players can get a special Pikachu figure with the Catastropika Z-Move as Log-in Bonus.

As mentioned previously, Z-Moves are activated when the Z-Move Gauge is completely filled up: all wheel segments turn into Z-Move ones. The power of a Z-Move is double the highest attack of the figure using it. All 18 types have their own Z-Move, though Solgaleo, Lunala, Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma also have a unique one.

Finally, some new figures have been added:

  • UX figures: Necrozma, Dusk Mane Necrozma, Dawn Wings Necrozma, Darkrai, Mega Alakazam, Mega Absol, Mega Kangaskhan, Pikachu, and Espeo
  • EX figures: Cresselia, Absol, Alakazam, and Celeb
  • R figures: Kadabra, Abra, Mandibuzz, and Scraft
  • UC figures: Vullaby, and Scraggy

As usual, you can find more details about the various Software updates for Pokémon GO on this page!

Source: Serebii

Pokémon GO

Here’s two video clips for the GO Snapeshot feature, coming soon to Pokémon GO:

Media Ambition Tokyo

As part of the Media Ambition Tokyo event, which takes place in Tokyo from February 23rd to March 3rd, a special Pokémon activity is taking place. If you go to the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower (Roppongi Hills), you can look through the Pokémon Scope. It’s a special device using Microsoft’s Hololens technology to show Pokémon in the “real world” below you.

Source: Serebii



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