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Pokémon news (Feb. 15) – Pokkén Tournament / Magearna

Today’s Pokémon news:

  • Pokkén Tournament
  • Magearna and Pokémon The Movie
  • Pokémon XY&Z
  • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén TournamentThis morning, the official website for Pokkén Tournament was updated, providing us with more details about the game. First, we have some new Support Pokémon:

  • 1) Cubone: uses Bonemerang (quick long range attack), allows you to hit opponents multiple times, and bring them to you;
  • 1) Diglett: uses Dig, which allows you to land combos easily when your opponent has been hit by Diglett’s attack;
  • 2) Magneto: uses Tri Attack, which aims upward. It allows you to lower the Speed and Attack of your opponents, and is effective against jumping Pokémon;
  • 2) Quagsire: uses Mud Bomb, an attack that is pretty effective on opponents on the ground. It deals damage even if your opponent is guarding;
  • 3) Espeon: uses Morning Sun, which allows you to remove status conditions and get Hit Points back. It’s better to wait before using Espeon, as the less time left before the end of the match, the more effective the move becomes;
  • 3) Umbreon: uses Snarl, which allow you to drain the Resonance Gauge of your opponent, and prevent them from landing critical hits.

Next, the website details some of the Wii U exclusive features, such as the Ferrum League, which takes place in the Ferrum region (where people and Pokémon are linked by mysterious Resonance Stones). By beating the various stages of that mode, you can unlock new battle arenas and Support Pokémon.

The Ferrum League has four ranks:

  • Green League
  • Blue League
  • Red League
  • Chrome League

In the game, you will meet various trainers, such as Nia and her Weavile, who helps players navigate the world. There’s also some Wii U exclusive trainers, which are said to be really powerful:

  • Travis (with Garchomp)
  • Keith (with Suicune)
  • Erin (with Braixen)

Next, we have a rundown of the various modes included in the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament:

  • Practice Mode: test your skills with no time limit or health bar
  • Free Training
  • Combo Dojo: learn the various combos for each Pokémon
  • My Town mode: use PokéGold to customise the appearance of your avatar with clothings, accessories, and more. The game allows you to chose your gender, skin colour, hair, and more.

Finally, here’s some screenshots/artworks from the official website:

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For players wondering about DLC, it’s been confirmed that the game would not get any.

Source: Official website
Via: Serebii

Magearna and Pokémon The Movie

Today, The Pokémon Company officially revealed Magearna, a brand new Pokémon discovered last week thanks to leaked scans from CoroCoro magazine. The Japanese name is Magiarna, but in English and various other languages, it will be known as Magearna. Unfortunately, we don’t have any other details about this mysterious Pokémon.

The Pokémon Company also posted a synopsis of the latest movie, coming out in July in Japan (and later this year in other countries):

In this latest cinematic adventure, Ash meets the Mythical Pokémon Volcanion when it crashes down from the sky, creating a cloud of dust —and a mysterious force binds the two of them together! Volcanion despises humans and tries to get away, but it’s forced to drag Ash along as it continues its rescue mission. They arrive in a city of cogs and gears, where a corrupt minister has stolen the ultimate invention: the Artificial Pokémon Magearna, created 500 years ago. He plans to use its mysterious power to take control of this mechanical kingdom! Can Ash and Volcanion work together to rescue Magearna? One of the greatest battles in Pokémon history is about to unfold!

Here’s some screencaps for Magearna and the latest Pokémon movie:

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Source: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon XY&Z

Quick note for fans who watch the Pokémon XY&Z anime series every week on TV Tokyo: starting from April, each new episode will air 5mn earlier than usual (on Thursday evening, at 6.55PM JST instead of 7PM JST)!

Source: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Here’s some screenshots for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon:

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