Pokémon news (August 9, Round 2): Pokémon GO / Pokémon Shuffle

Today’s Pokémon news (Round 2!): TOHO becomes the latest Pokémon GO sponsor in Japan, but also…

  • Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon GO

Before Pokémon GO launched in Japan, it was announced that McDonald’s would a sponsor. Basically, all the McDonald’s restaurants in Japan are either a Gym or a PokéStop, which is something that dramatically increases foot traffic.

And today, a second sponsor for Pokémon GO in Japan was announced: TOHO Cinemas. Similar to the one with McDonald’s, this new sponsorship will see (almost) all TOHO theatres in Japan become PokéStops. Naturally, that doesn’t include the area where movies are screened (so as not to bother people who came to watch movies, not catch Pokémon).

The starting date for this Pokémon GO collaboration will be announced at a later date, via the official website of TOHO Cinemas.

Source: TOHO Cinemas

Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle was launched in February 2016, and it’s been pretty successful so far. Today, it was announced that the game had been downloaded over 6 million times on Nintendo 3DS. To celebrate, players can get various goodies each until August 22nd, with the latest Daily Login Bonus.

Here’s the lsit of bonuses:

  • August 9th: 1 000 Coins
  • August 10th: 10 Hearts
  • August 11th: 1 Disruption Delay
  • August 12th: 1 Jewel
  • August 13th: 1 Mega Start
  • August 14th: 1 Moves + 5
  • August 15th: 1 Time + 10
  • August 16th: 1 Skill Swapper
  • August 17th: 1 Skill Booster M
  • August 18th: 1 Raise Max Level
  • August 19th: 1 Exp Point Booster S
  • August 20th: 1 Exp. Points * 1.5
  • August 21st: 1 Attack Power
  • August 22nd: 1 Mega Speedup

Source: Famitsu
Translation: Serebii


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