Pokémon news (Aug. 19) – Pokémon GO: Niantic’s statement about bans, more

Today’s Pokémon news: Niantic’s statement about Pokémon GO bans, but also…

  • Pokémon XY & Z (anime series)
  • The Great Pikachu Invasion
  • Pokémon Red Version / Blue Version / Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition
  • Pokkén Tournament

Pokémon GO

This week, Niantic started banning users suspected of cheating in Pokémon GO. Yesterday evening, they posted a statement on the official website about those bans:



After reviewing many reports of in-game cheating, we have started taking action against players taking unfair advantage of and abusing Pokémon GO. Moving forward, we will continue to terminate accounts that show clear signs of cheating.


Our main priority with Pokémon GO is to provide a fair, fun, and legitimate game experience for all players. If our system has determined that you cheated, then you will receive an email stating that your account has been terminated.

If your account has been terminated, despite not cheating or using any unauthorised tools, you can click here to report it.

Source: Niantic

Pokémon XY & Z

Here’s the preview for the next episode of the Pokémon XY & Z anime series, which airs on August 25th:


The Great Pikachu Invasion

Here’s some footage of this year’s Great Pikachu Invasion, courtesy of NextN (check out their website for some pictures!)

Pokémon Red Version / Blue Version / Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition

Today, Nintendo UK shared a video for Pokémon Red Version / Blue Version / Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition, showing some fans sharing their memories of the Pokémon series:

Pokkén Tournament

Here’s a digest video of the final of the Pokkén Tournament tourney, that was held yesterday at gamescom 2016:




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