Pokémon GO news (Nov. 16): Hatchathon event / Meltan and Melmetal

Today’s Pokémon GO news: Hatchathon event, Meltan and Melmetal in Gyms, PokéStop nomination system, and more!

Pokémon GO – Egg event

Earlier this week, another event for Pokémon GO went live: the Hatchathon event, which runs until November 27th. While it’s running, some Pokémon with evolved forms originally discovered in the Sinnoh region are appearing in 2km Eggs: Rhyhorn, Porygon, Magby, and Elekid (can be shiny, just like its evolution, Electabuzz).

As part of this event, the following boxes are available for purchase in the in-game store:

  • Special Box (480 Coins): Incense (x1), Incubator (x3), Premium Raid Pass (x2), Lure Module (x1)
  • Great Box (780 Coins): Incense (x3, Super Incubators (x5), Lucky Egg (x2), Premium Raid Pass (x3)
  • Ultra Box (1480 Coins): Super Incubator (x12), Lucky Egg (x6), Premium Raid Pass (x5), Lure Module (x5)

Finally, some new Pokémon are now available in the game: Rhyperior, Electivire, Magmortar, Togekiss, Mismagius, Honckrow, Weavile, Dusknoir, Roserade, Gliscor, and Porygon-Z. You need 100 Candy and 1 Sinnoh stone to evolve them!

Source: The Pokémon Company
Via: Serebii

Meltan and Melmetal

Now that Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Let’s Go, Eevee! is available, players can finally get Meltan and Melmetal, the new Mythical Pokémon and its evolution. And it turns out that they can actually be put as Defenders in a Gym, which is unexpected given it’s normally impossible for Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to be put as Gym Defenders.

Naturally, in order to be able to get Meltan (and Melmetal), you need to download the latest Software update. Also, you first need to reach Fuchsia City in order to connect Pokémon GO and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Let’s Go and get the Mystery Box required for Meltan.

That Mystery Box happens to work like incense. When opened, its effects last 30 minutes, and once it’s over, you have to wait 7 days to use it again. Unfortunately, Meltan doesn’t spawn in large amounts, which means you have to make the most of the 30 minutes!

Source: Serebii

Poké Stop nomination system

Heads up for players in Chile: the PokéStop nomination system is now live in your country, though only for players who have reached Level 40.

Source: Niantic (Twitter)



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