Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter maintenance taking place next week

E3 2015 may be in full swing (with the second day starting in just a couple of hours), Nintendo isn’t forgetting about maintenance. Today, they announced that the two Pokémon app on Nintendo 3DS would be undergoing maintenance next week, for one hour.

Here’s the list of services impacted:

– Nintendo 3DS: Pokémon Bank (online play and leaderboards)
– Nintendo 3DS: Poké Transporter (online play and leaderboards)

The maintenance will take place on:

– Europe: June 24th (3AM to 4AM)
– UK: June 24th (2AM to 3AM)
– North America (EDT): June 23rd (9PM to 10PM)
– North America (PDT): June 23rd (6PM to 7PM)
– Japan: June 24th (10AM to 11AM)

Pokemon Bank

Source: Nintendo


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