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Paper Mario: Color Splash – Rescue V Episode 7 (Final episode)

In order to promote Paper Mario: Color Splash, which comes out in less this Friday in Europe and North America (with Japan the following week), Nintendo launched a video series a few weeks ago. Called Paper Mario: Color Splash – Rescue V, the videos are spoofs of super heroes TV series, such as Power Rangers. Rescue V is the name of a pretty real super hero team that appears in the game.

The 7th episode, called “Swear Upon the Orange Sun. Rescue V Will Never Die!” is the final episode. It features the Rescue Squad Chief, who is apparently so bright, he needs to wear shades. The episode starts with Mario cooking for a restaurant, using the usual battle actions… he even uses a special Thing to season a steak!

Everything would be great if Princess Peach didn’t get drained of all her colours… Naturally, Bowser is the one behind Prism Island’s troubles, and in the video, we get to see some footage of a factory where Bullet Bills are manufactured using paint.

After that little sneak peek of Bowser’s factory, we’re back in the Plaza, where Rescue V is assembled. But something is wrong with Rescue Red, who has been drained of his colours. Using his hammer, Mario gives his colour back to the courageous Toad… but forget to paint his back.

Here’s the final episode of Paper Mario: Color Splash – Rescue V:

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) comes out on October 7th in Europe and North America, and October 13th in Japan.


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