Paper Mario: Color Splash – Overview video, JP website launched (details, footage)

In less than a month, Nintendo will release Paper Mario: Color Splash on Wii U, in Europe, Japan, and North America. To prepare for this launch, Nintendo has uploaded the usual overview video for the game. The English version is exactly the same as the one shown during E3 2016 (complete with the dubious voice over!)!

Here it is:

Nintendo also opened the Japanese website for the game: click here to check it out! If you prefer, the European website is also open, with plenty of details available in English!

Paper Mario: Color Splash – Japanese website: gameplay footage

Here’s some gameplay footage for the game, from the Japanese website:

Paper Mario: Color Splash – Japanese website: Story

The website gives us some details about the story, which begins on a stormy night. Princess Peach and a Toad travel to Mario’s house, in order to deliver a letter to him. But that letter isn’t actually one… it’s in fact a Toad who has been drained of all its colours. Thanks to the stamp on the envelope, they find out it was sent from Prism Island. Naturally, they set out to that mysterious island, in order to find out what’s going on…

Paper Mario: Color Splash – Japanese website: Adventure

At the beginning of the game, Mario, Peach, and Toad arrive in Prism Island, only to be greeted by… nobody. The town is completely deserted, and colours are missing in several spots. After some initial investigation, they find a mysterious talking paint can called Huey, who joins Mario on his adventure.

Mario then gets a special hammer, that allows him to paint things around him. He uses it to paint the various colourless spots in the village, helping its inhabitants get back their colours.

It turns out that a bunch of Shy Guys are responsible for the island losing all its colours. To the surprise of no one, Bowser is the one behind this whole mess! In order to save the island, Mario will have to travel to each region, in order to get back the Big Paint Stars.

Paper Mario: Color Splash – Japanese website: Cards

The game features over 150 cards, and there’s several ways to get some:

  • by painting colourless spots in the world
  • by defeating enemies
  • by buying them in a shop

Using cards in battle is pretty easy:

  • you select a card
  • you paint it
  • you swipe it to use it

Just like in previous Paper Mario game, the timing of your attack is crucial. With good timing, you can deal even more damage to enemies, but also protect yourself from enemy attacks (in order to lower or even nullify damage received).

There’s several types of cards to be found on Prism Island: the regular Normal Cards (Hammer, Jump, etc.), the Enemy Cards, but also the Thing Card. That last type is created from strange items found on the island, that look totally out of place in the game’s world (they’re basically real-life objects, such as a fan, a fire extinguisher, etc.).

The Thing Cards are extremely powerful, and usually used during Boss Battles.

Here’s some screencaps from the official website, showcasing some of the cards to be found in the game:

Finally, here’s some screenshots (in English):

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) comes out on October 7th in Europe and North America, and October 13th in Japan.



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