Otome Game News: Despera Drops / Sympathy Kiss, and more

Despera Drops

During their latest All Aksys presentation, earlier this month, Aksys Games announced that they’re bringing Despera Drops to Europe and North America sometime in 2025.

Here’s a trailer and some details:

In the summer of 2028, Mika Amamine, studying abroad at a university in Bologna, Italy, visits Rome for a short trip with friends to celebrate the end of exams. However, during that trip, she encounters a murder incident and is subsequently arrested as a suspect. While being transported in a police vehicle, it suddenly overturns in an accident, freeing Mika along with six other criminals and they all become fugitives. Mysterious attackers appear, targeting the unique “power” that Mika possesses, and the group finds themselves pursued by both the police and the attackers. The secret hidden within Mika’s power, the identity of the attackers, and the truth behind the murder incident.

Also, the Original Soundtrack album is now available for purchase and streaming on several digital music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more). Check out this page for links to all the relevant platforms!

Here’s the preview video for the soundtrack:

Sympathy Kiss

Here’s a gameplay trailer for Sympathy Kiss, focusing on Usui:

Sympathy Kiss (Switch) comes out on February 27th in Europe and North America.

Mistonia no Kibou -The Lost Delight-

Here’s two character trailers for Mistonia no Kibou -The Lost Delight-:

Mistonia no Kibou -The Lost Delight- (Switch) comes out on June 6th in Japan.


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