Order Land: Kickstarter campaign for localisation re-launched

Back in October, Poisoft launched a Kickstarter campaign for the localisation of Order Land on Nintendo Switch. The large amount of text in the game is simply too much for the small indie company to tackle on its own (especially since they’re not professional translators), and it would also be too costly for them to try and have an external translator work on the game.

That’s why Poisoft decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the localisation of Order Land in the first place. Unfortunately, the campaign for the was cancelled on November 1st, most likely due the low level of pledges: only 513 860 Yen of the 5 million Yen were pledged.

Today, the Kickstarter campaign was relaunched, but with a lower goal: 2 million Yen. However, there’s a catch: the quality of the translation will increase if the various stretch goals are reached. Basically, it will start with Poisoft doing all the translation work by themselves, under the supervision of a professional translator. However, if the highest stretch goal is reached, the translator will translate everything.

Here’s the various goals:

  • 2 million Yen ($17 857 / 14 925€): everything is translated in-house, with a professional translator supervising
  • 4.55 million Yen ($40 625 / 33 955€): a professional translator tackles the story parts, with Poisoft dealing with everything else (still under the supervision of a professional translator)
  • 5.5 million Yen ($49 107 / 41 044€): a professional translator translates the whole game.

In other words, the more money they get, the higher the quality of the translation. It’s definitely not ideal, but given total pledges for the first Kickstarter campaign didn’t reach half the initial goal, it’s a good idea to go with a lower goal. Unfortunately, there’s no way to lower localisation costs without it having an impact on the quality of said localisation.

If you’re interested in Order Land and would like to see it localised, make sure to check out the Kickstarter page!



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