On Air!: Nintendo Switch port successfully funded on Soreosu [Update 8: campaign now over]

Update: the crowdfunding campaign for the Nintendo Switch version of On Air! has come to a close, and it was a smashing success with 117,916,150 Yen / $806,737 pledged: that’s 786% of the base goal (15 million Yen)!


Last month, coly launched a crowdfunding campaign on Soreosu to bring On Air! (originally released on smart devices) to Nintendo Switch. And that campaign is doing exceedingly well: as of writing, 102,919,300 Yen (roughly $704,135) have already been pledged: that’s 686% of the base goal (15 million Yen)… and there’s still a few hours left until the end of the campaign (on August 31st)!

Here’s an old trailer for the mobile game:

The following Stretchgoals have been announced:

  • 20 million Yen: Character Story will be voiced [reached!]
  • 30 million Yen: all voiced lines from the mobile game will be implemented, and Unit Story DLC (also fully voiced) will be created [reached!]
  • 40 million Yen: previously unvoiced Event Stories will receive voice acting, and the “On Air! 3rd Anniversary Store” limited scenario will be remade and fully voiced [reached!]

No more stretchgoals were announced as the development team chose instead to focus on improvement the game instead of offering more additional content.

All that content comes on top of the base game, which includes the following:

  1. Main Story
  2. Side Stories
  3. Event Stories
  4. Off-record Stories
  5. Character Sporties
  6. Spot Talks
  7. Home Screen and Home Voices
  8. New Stories

Several editions will be available:

  • Limited Edition (retail): 18 480 Yen
  • Regular (retail, digital): 7 480 Yen

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether the game will be released outside Japan, as the original game was not translated in English. Maybe coly will consider adding an English localisation to the list of stretchgoals, though that does seem unlikely as the crowdfunding campaign is only available in Japanese.


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