NPD: some data for October 2017

Yesterday, the NPD published its monthly report for the American market, and in October, the whole market was down by 11%. In fact, the only segment that was up was Hardware, primarily thanks to Nintendo and its popular Nintendo Switch and SNES Classic consoles. Software and Accessories sales were both down, enough to not only negate the increase in Hardware sales, but also bring the whole market down with them.

Here’s some raw data to begin:

  • Total: $825 million (-11%), as opposed to $932 million in October 2016;
  • Hardware: $238 million (+10%), as opposed to $216 million in October 2016;
  • Console Software: $447 million (-20%), as opposed to $556 million in October 2016;
  • Accessories (including Toys to Life category): $113 million (-7%), as opposed to $122 million in October 2016.


The NPD reports that in 2017, the RPG genre is doing pretty well in the United States. In October alone, sales increased by more than 20% for that genre. As for Year to Date sales, they are up by 43%.

To the surprise of no one, Super Mario Odyssey was the best-selling game on Nintendo Switch, and that’s with just a few days tracked (it came out on October 27th).

Year to Date sales for the Software sales are up by 3%, to $4.2 billion.

Next, here’s the Top 10 Software for the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS:

Nintendo Switch

  1. Super Mario Odyssey
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  3. Mario Kart 8
  4. Fire Emblem: Warriors
  5. Pokken Tournament DX
  6. Splatoon 2
  7. Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
  8. FIFA 18
  9. NBA 2K18
  10. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

Nintendo 3DS

  1. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions
  2. Metroid: Samus Returns
  3. Miitopia
  4. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth
  5. Pokémon: Sun
  6. Fire Emblem: Warriors
  7. Super Smash Bros.
  8. Mario Kart 7
  9. Super Mario Maker
  10. Layton’s Mystery Journey Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy

NPD – Hardware

Once again, Nintendo drove Hardware sales in October, with the Nintendo Switch and the SNES Classic (which were #1 and #2 of sales respectively), though it looks like the former is still to outsell the PlayStation 4 for the full year. For the full Year, Hardware sales are up by 19% (to $2.3 billion), once again thanks to the usual suspects.

Combined, the Nintendo Switch, the SNES Classic, and the Nintendo 3DS account for 2/3 of total Hardware sales in the United States in October, and for the second month in a row. Also, for the first time since 2011, more than 1 million consoles (all platforms combined, not just Nintendo’s) were sold in October.

As for Accessories sales, they generated $113 million (-7% compared to the same month last year).

Source: NPD
Via: Venture Beat / Venture Beat / ZhugeEX (ResetEra)



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