Nintendo: updated launch schedule (January 2018)

As usual, Nintendo revealed its updated planning for upcoming Switch and 3DS titles today, along with its financial results for Q1+2+3 2017-18.

Unfortunately, this is a document for investors, who can check out how many games are coming out for each platform. It’s not a list for consumers or even the press, with exact dates or anything. Therefore, do not expect to find many new release dates in the charts below.

The lists below do not have anything really new first party-wise, and all the dates were previously announced at various occasions (Nintendo Direct, E3 2017, etc.). The only relevant new tidbit is that the 3DS is pretty much done, with very few first and third-party games listed. Also, it looks like The World Ends With You is the latest Square-Enix game to be published by Nintendo in the west.

Left column is for 3DS games, right column is for Nintendo Switch games:

NB: since the planning is for the current Fiscal Year (April 1st to March 31st), it includes already released titles (such as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle). And as always, keep in mind those lists are not exhaustive (they’re actually missing quite a few games and/or dates): for the complete list of upcoming games on all platforms, make sure to check out our Upcoming Games page!

Source: Nintendo



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