Nintendo Switch: turn your console into a (miniature) Arcade cabinet with the Arcade Stand

Even before the Nintendo Switch was released, a tons of accessories for it were announced: the usual screen protectors, but also power adapters for use in cars, stands, and more. Naturally, with the console being a smash hit, the number of accessories releasing for it has been steadily increasing, with everyone trying to get a piece of the (lucrative) Nintendo Switch accessories market.

Among the many accessories, there’s been some really unique and surprising ones, but the one revealed by Columbus Circle this week really takes the cake. It’s a stand, that allows you to turn your console into a miniature Arcade cabinet. You put the screen in the slot, and you’re good to go… there’s even a spot at the front, where you can put down the two Joy-Cons.

Columbus Circle specifies that the stand was designed so that visibility (for the screen) remains optimal even when viewed at angle, which allows you to play games (and watch videos/movies) comfortably. The stand itself is in PVC, and can be folded (so that it does not take much place, when you want to store it away).

There’s also slots at the back, allowing you to keep the Nintendo Switch units charged while you use it. And thanks to the hole at the back, there’s no risk of the console overheating when you put it in the stand. Unfortunately, you cannot use this stand with vertical display (supported in games like Pinball FX3 for example).

Here’s some pictures of that unique stand:

This Arcade Stand for the Nintendo Switch will be released in January in Japan, and will cost 2 700 Yen.

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