Nintendo: pictures of this year’s Company Guide (2015)

If you’re interested in the history of Nintendo, especially from before the company started making video games, beforemario is a blog you should definitely check out. To quote the blog itself, it showcases “the toys and games Nintendo created in the period from the mid 1960s to the early 1980s. Starting with the first board games up to the launch of the Family Computer in 1983”, and more.

In the past, beforemario has posted pictures of previous Nintendo’s company guides. They are booklets meant to introduce the company to new employees: it’s distributed to applicants trying to get into the company via the yearly recruitment process in April. Those guides include details about present achievements (recent game / console launches for example), and more.

This year, the guide comes with a cardboard sleeve, with the various logos Nintendo used throughout its history. On the front, there’s the logo for various Nintendo products such as “Ultra Hand (ウルトラ ハンド)”, “Kousenjuu SP (光線銃SP)”, “Love Tester (ラブテスタ)”, “Nintendo Block (N&B ブロック)” and “Ele-Conga (エレコンガ)”, or  “Mamaberica (ママベリカ)”.

The guide measures 30 by 20 centimeters, and its 58 pages provies a look at early Nintendo products, a message from Satoru Iwata, recent Nintendo Software and Hardware, information on the company organization structure, office locations, key historic dates and product, information about the jobs (salary, work hours, etc.), and more.

Here’s the various pictures from the guide:

Fore more information about the Nintendo Company Guide (especially those from the previous years), make sure to visit the beforemario blog!

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