Nintendo news (Oct. 27): Super Mario Odyssey / Mario Kart 64

Today’s Nintendo news: 1st Anniversary for Super Mario Odyssey, but also…

  • Mario Kart 64
  • Nintendo Minute
  • Fire Emblem
  • Dragalia Lost
  • Nintendo Labo

Super Mario Odyssey

Exactly one year ago, Super Mario Odyssey was released worldwide. In order to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the game, Nintendo shared a special illustration and a video of the main cast dancing!

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 may not be the most popular entry in the series, it certainly was one of the most important: Mario Kart made the switch to 3D with this one, and it also introduced 4 player multiplayer (with splitscreen, to boot). Therefore, it’s definitely a pretty interesting entry from a developer point of view, which is why the latest schmuplations translation is worth a read.

The translated interview is about Mario Kart 64, and features the following developers:

  • Shigeru Miyamoto – Producer
  • Hideki Konno – Director
  • Tadashi Sugiyama – Visual Director
  • Masato Kimura – Main Programmer
  • Kenji Yamamoto – Programmer
  • Tomoaki Kuroume – Character Designer

Click here to read the translated interview!

Nintendo Minute

Here’s the latest episode of Nintendo Minute, which is about Halloween (bet you didn’t see that one co… oh, you did):

Boo! Happy (almost) Halloween friends! We’re here with a few last minute ideas for a Nintendo-themed Halloween. We have a new very cool Mario Kart costume, we make some yummy but somewhat questionable looking Boo Bites and we carve a pumpkin into a Smash Ball! Let us know in the comments if you plan on dressing up as a Nintendo character this year for Halloween. You can send us your pictures with #NintendoHalloween. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week.


-Kit & Krysta (& Boo)

Fire Emblem

Here’s the latest set of official Fire Emblem merchandise from Intelligent Systems:

Source: Intelligent Systems

Dragalia Lost

Here’s a video showcasing some of the options available in Dragalia Lost (unfortunately, video is only available in Japanese):

And here’s another video showcasing the controls (again, only available in Japanese…):

Dragalia Lost (Android / iOS) still does not have a release date outside Japan, the United States, Maccau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Nintendo Labo

Here’s the latest video from the Nintendo Labo UK YouTube Channel:



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