Nintendo: login via Nintendo Network ID now possible in Europe, link with Club Nintendo account for stars


This morning, Nintendo finally made an announcement regarding the new login method on the Nintendo of Europe website, but unfortunately, there isn’t anything really new in there.

You can check out the announcement on this page!


Back when Nintendo announced their partnership with DeNA, they explained that it would result not only in co-developed games for mobile platforms, but also in a new multi-device membership service. This service will be launched sometimes this Fall, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be based on the already-existing Nintendo Network ID.

While the membership service doesn’t seem to be quite ready right now, it looks like Nintendo has already started the transition on its European website. Starting today, it’s possible to use a Nintendo Network ID to log in on the website. When you try to log in, you have two options:

– using your current Club Nintendo account. Once logged in, you can then link it to your Nintendo Network ID. By doing so, you can earn 750 stars, to be used on the Stars Catalogue of the Club Nintendo. After that, logging in with your Nintendo Network ID will also log you in to your Club Nintendo account.
– using your current Nintendo Network ID, provided your Club Nintendo account has already been linked.

Here’s some screencaps:

So far, Nintendo hasn’t made any formal announcement regarding this change. It’s quite likely that the option to link the two accounts (and login via Club Nintendo account) will only be available until September 30th, when Club Nintendo closes in Europe and Japan. After that date, only the Nintendo Network ID will be used for log in on the website.

Unfortunately, we do not know when the new multi-device membership service will be officially revealed/launched.

Thanks Axis1500 for the screencaps, and cw_sasuke for the heads up!



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