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Nintendo Direct: Animal Crossing mobile presentation scheduled for this week

The last Nintendo Direct presentation was in September, and it’s already been a month since then. If you’re already looking forward to the next one, you’re in luck: Nintendo just announced that it would be livestreamed this very week, on October 25th to be more precise. What will it be about, you ask? Well… Animal Crossing on smartphones!

What to expect for this Nintendo Direct? The reveal of the elusive Animal Crossing game on smartphones of course, most likely with a release date (sometime in November, if the release timing for Fire Emblem Heroes is anything to go by). However, there’s something we definitely will not see during this presentation: something for the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo 3DS. The presentation will last about 15 minutes.

Here’s when this new Nintendo Direct presentation will be livestreamed:

  • Europe: 8AM
  • UK: 7AM
  • North America (EDT): 11PM
  • North America (PDT): 8PM
  • Japan: 12PM

NB: the various presentations are not simultaneous. The Japanese and North American presentations do take place at the same time, but the European one will be 3h “late”… presumably because 5AM/4AM would have been too early. However,  it’s unlikely there will be any difference between the different presentations.

Here’s the various links and livestreams:


North America



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