Nintendo: Corporate Management Policy Briefing (September 2020), Q&A now available in English

Today, Nintendo held their latest Corporate Management Policy Briefing (for the current Fiscal Year, ending on March 31st 2021). It’s usually held alongside the Investor Briefing that follows the latest Financial Results, but moving forward, Nintendo are going to hold them whenever they see fit, regardless of when the Financial Results are shared.

During this briefing, Nintendo shared details about the company’s strategy and its business activities. It did not contain any groundbreaking information, only a few interesting tidbits. There was also a Q&A session.

Nintendo: Corporate Management Policy Briefing

You can find the full transcript of the presentation on this page.

A few interesting tidbits:

  • Nintendo have more “Visual Content Expansion” projects in the works, for 2023 and beyond. They don’t specify what content or IP, just that it won’t be just movies. The Super Mario animated movie by Illumination is slated for a 2022 release worldwide.
  • Since launch, the various mobile games have been downloaded over 650 million times (those are single downloads, and do not include times when a user re-download a previously downloaded game)
  • There are now more than 200 million Nintendo Acccounts in the world
  • There are now over 26 million Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions
  • Nintendo confirm that they are working on a “Integrated Hardware-Software Next gaming system”. In other words, a new console. It will be released sometime before the end of… 2099. Of course, this is just Nintendo confirming that they are working on something new, which is something they’re pretty much always doing!

Nintendo: Q&A

The Q&A is now officially available in English. You can find it on this page!

Here’s the list of questions asked (much shorter than during one of the usual Investor Briefings):

Question 1: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit looks like it will be a unique integrated hardware-software entertainment title. Can you talk a little about the concept and how it was developed? Also, what is your approach to the Nintendo Switch software lineup going forward?

Question 2: Now that Nintendo Switch Online has reached a level of over 26 million paid members, what can you tell us about the state of the service from launch to the present and your outlook for its future?

Question 3: I’d like to hear about your take on the Nintendo Switch lifecycle, as well as your thoughts on future allocation of development resources, including for the development of new hardware.

Question 4: The sales forecast for Nintendo Switch during this fiscal year is currently unchanged from the 19 million units you initially announced, but I’d like to hear about your future outlook.

Question 5: Super Mario Bros. is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Can you tell us about what has and hasn’t changed with regard to Super Mario Bros. in the past 35 years, and where you see the franchise going?

Question 6: I consider how Nintendo views technology in its development to really have originated in the era of Gunpei Yokoi (see note), but would like to ask Miyamoto-san, Takahashi-san, and Shiota-san about each of their perspectives on the balance between fun and technological development. Note: During his tenure at Nintendo, Gunpei Yokoi (who passed away in 1997) was general manager of the development department that created R.O.B. and Dr. Mario, in addition to video game systems including Game & Watch and Game Boy.



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