Nintendo 3DS: commercials for Monster Strike / Medabots 9

Monster Strike

Monster Strike 3DSMonster Strike came out today in Japan: it’s already available at retail and on the Nintendo eShop. Earlier today, mixi uploaded a second commercial for the game, featuring the same Santa Clauses as in the previous one. It looks like they couldn’t resist playing the game, and kind of neglected their duties!

Here it is:

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Here’s a 15s version of the commercial:

Monster Strike (3DS) came out today in Japan!

Medabots 9

Earlier this week, Rocket Company uploaded a commercial for Medabots 9: Kuwagata Ver. / Kabuto Ver., which is coming out on December 24th in Japan. It starts with CG footage of the two main Medabots:

  • Zipper: a medabot focusing on shooting,. It uses a pair of gatling guns attached to its arms to attack.
  • Souen: a medabot focusing on melee attacks. It uses katana when fighting other medabots.

Then, the commercial shows some gameplay footage proper.

Here it is:

Medabots 9: Kuwagata Ver. / Kabuto Ver. (3DS) comes out on December 24th in Japan.

Source: mixi / Rocket Company



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