[N-Direct] Mario Party: The Top 100 brings the best of Mario Party to the 3DS

With the focus on multiplayer, and especially local multiplayer, the Nintendo Switch looks like the perfect console for a Mario Party game. And yet, the next one is coming to… the Nintendo 3DS. Introducing Mario Party: The Top 100, which is (as the name implies) a collection of the 100 best mini-games from the Mario Party series… though we don’t know which criteria Nintendo used to choose the games.

We don’t have the complete list of mini-games, but here’s a few that have already been revealed:

  • Shy Guy Says (from Mario Party)
  • Slot Car Derby (from Mario Party 2)
  • Eatsa Pizza (from Mario Party 3)
  • GOOOOOOOAL!! (from Mario Party 4)
  • Shy Guy Showdown (from Mario Party 5)
  • Snow Whirled (from Mario Party 6)
  • Balloon Busters (from Mario Party 7)
  • At the Chomp Wash (from Mario Party 8)
  • Logger Heads (from Mario Party 9)
  • Jewel Drop (from Mario Party 10)

Mario Party: The Top 100 will be playable in local multiplayer, and will be compatible with Download Play (most likely via a free “app” available from the Nintendo eShop).

Here’s a trailer and the segment from the Nintendo Direct presentation (in Japanese, though…):


Finally, here’s some screenshots and artworks;

Mario Party: The Top 100 (3DS) comes out on November 11th in North America, December 28th in Japan, and January in Europe. It’s been added to the Upcoming Games page!

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo PR



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