My Time at Sandrock: time-lapse video, more footage

Pathea Games have shared a brand new video for My Time at Sandrock, and it shows a neat day/night timelapse. The developers wanted to showcased the brand new lighting system, and that’s why they made that video!

Here it is:

If you want to see more of the game (developed by the creators of My Time at Portia), then make sure to check out the recording of some recent livestreams:

My Time At Sandrock (Switch) does not have a release date yet.

About My Time At Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock – Just like My Time at Portia, the game takes place in a wholesome post-apocalyptic world; a world where humans have successfully restarted civilization after, long ago, nearly destroying themselves through greed, unbridled technology, and warfare in a period they refer to as the “The Age of Darkness.” Current citizens of this world now band together and reject the Old World  ideologies as they work to rebuild, but remaking an entire civilization isn’t easy…

First day on the job… Taking a job offer in the frontier town of Sandrock, you’ll assume the role of
a fledgling builder being sent to a wild and rugged townscape on the brink of collapse. It’s up to you and your trusty toolset to gather resources, build machines, fix up your workshop into a well-oiled production machine, and save the town from the jaws of economic ruin, as well as a few other unexpected complications…

No job too big, no task too small! Customize and build your workshop with an intricate set of machines that all work together to produce parts of huge structures for the town that you assemble piece by piece; or head to your worktable to craft hundreds of unique items that can help out individual townspeople or be placed throughout your own workshop: watch Sandrock transform before your eyes as every contribution you make to town appears permanently in the world!

There and back again – Explore the vast deserts surrounding Sandrock: dive into ruins to find ancient relics from the Old World, face the dangers of dungeons and their denizens, then return to your homestead with encumbering bags of treasure in tow. Take your profits and convert the empty prairielands around you into farmable land for a more leisurely lifestyle, then sell your crops, or transform them into delicious dishes to share with all your new friends in town!

It takes a wild bunch… The people of Sandrock are hardy and tenacious, and one can hardly survive in such arduous climate without developing a sense of humor. Befriend the local sheriff to hear about his tall tales, help out the chatty ranch family and they’ll help you in turn, spend some time with a local artist and hear about her hopes and aspirations. Meeting and helping these characters leads to not only making new friends, but also people to support you in building your workshop! And who knows, even romance might be in the air…

  • New Combat – a revamped combat system that allows the player to quickly shift between melee combat and 3rd person shooting mechanics.
  • Great Music – an original soundtrack with dynamic in-game music that reflects where the player is and what they’re doing
  • More Elaborate Story and Deeper Characters- a vastly enriched storyline, hundreds of side-quests boasting over 30 completely new characters, each getting more attention than before with their own story to discover, as well as the return of a few familiar faces for fans of the series.
  • Build with Friends! Co-op multiplayer – Perhaps the most exciting addition to the game is a new multiplayer function that will finally allow players to visit a unique multiplayer map where they can build a workshop together and experience an additional storyline that unfolds there…


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