Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross): more details about the two new Hunting Styles

Last week, Capcom revealed Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation in Japan. And as we expected, the game is to be featured in Famitsu magazine this week, with an article detailing the two new Hunting Styles and an interview of the developers.

Talking of the developers, the main staff is as we reported on Thursday:

  • Ryozo Tsujimoto (Producer of the Monster Hunter series)
  • Yasunori Ichinose (Director of the Monster Hunter series), who worked as Director of Monster Hunter Generations;
  • Shintaro Kojima (Producer)
  • Daisuke Ichihara (Director), who worked as planner on Monster Hunter Generations;
  • Takuro Hiraoka (Main Planner), who worked as planner on Monster Hunter Generations.

Fortunately for us, leaked from Famitsu magazine have been pretty early this week, allowing us to get plenty of new details about the game. Let’s start right away with the two new Hunting Styles. The first one is the Brave Style, and as explained last week, it’s for players who want to drown monsters in a flurry of continuous attacks. However, there’s a catch: you can only equip one Hunting Art at a time.

Another “feature” of the Brave Style: the Brave Gauge, which fills up pretty easily, by parring attacks. What happens when it’s filled? For starters, you get an evasion boost with some weapons. You can also use the Link Attacks and special techniques of each type of weapon, which are said to be quite powerful.

Here’s some of the special techniques you can use

  • Strong Charged Moving Slash (Great Sword): allows you to unleash a charged attack while moving at the same time;
  • Step Shot (Light Bowgun): allows you to shoot a special bullet, while stepping at the same time;
  • True Charge (Hammer): allows you to unleash two additional charged attacks consecutively, following the regular charged attack.

To prevent the gauge from depleting, you need to keep on attacking. Before the gauge is even filled up, you can parry, but also perform “Cancel Attacks” (which really helps filling up the Brave Gauge quickly). That particular Hunting Style was designed as a “sharper” than the others, and it’s also more accessible than the Busido style (meant for expert players).

As for the second new Hunting Style, it’s apparently called “Renkin Style”. Finally, Famitsu reveals that the Meowstress’ little sister will appear in the game.

In the interview, the developers explain why the game is called Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross), and not Monster Hunter XG. The reason for that is simple: it’s a “special” game, so it gets a “special” name. Also, X is a special character, so it didn’t make sense for them to simply add G at the end, like they usual do.

Barufaruku, which can be seen in the debut trailer, is said to live at an extremely high altitude. It looks like it incoporates some rather surprising elements, and there’s no doubt the jet-like wings are one of those. Naturally, it’s directly linked to the game’s story, along with the Ouma Diablos (also seen in the debut trailer).

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) (3DS) comes out on March 18th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu
Via: Hachima
Translation by: Gematsu


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