Monster Hunter Stories: screens/artworks for the new characters

Yesterday, Capcom revealed some new details for Monster Hunter Stories, via Famitsu magazine and the game’s official website. You can check some pictures and read about the new characters, Otomon, areas, and more in this post!

And today, Capcom shared some direct-feed screenshots (and some artworks) for the new characters:

  • Rivert (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita): a Hunter known for his superior hunting skills. Mahho introduces the protagonist to him, and that’s where they learn the values of a Hunter;
  • Poppora: a Felyne who always complains about Rivert. They do find him pretty lazy, but at the same time, they’re well aware of his skills as a Hunter. Therefore, it’s not really surprising that they cannot help but look out for him;
  • Limon (one of the Poster Girl Sisters of the Guild): the big sister, who’s pretty easygoing;
  • Mell (one of the Poster Girl Sisters of the Guild): the middle sister, who’s quite cheeky;
  • Muffy (one of the Poster Girl Sisters of the Guild): the little sister, who’s pretty serious and nervous;
  • Simone: the commanding officer of the Investigation Unit of the Royal Intelligence Squad. She may be young, but her abilities are the real deal. Her knowledge on monsters, their ecology, and their environments is remarkable;
  • Gentlas: he lives with Monsters, and simply cannot accept the existence of the Riders. As a result, he is always on his guard when dealing with the protagonist;

We also get to see Guildekaran (the town where Hunters live), some story cutscenes, and more. Unfortunately, there’s nothing for some other characters revealed this week, the new Otomon, and the new locations. We can assume we’re getting another batch of screenshots and artworks next week.

In the mean time, here’s this week’s batch of screenshots and artworks:

But that’s not all! Capcom also shared a picture showing some pages from the 24 page, full-colour booklet (with artworks, messages from the developers, and more), included in the Limited Edition of the game:

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer.net / Famitsu


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