Monster Hunter Stories: website update (new characters, Otomon, Quests)

As announced on Tuesday, Monster Hunter Stories is featured in Famitsu this week. Now that the magazine is available, Capcom has updated the official website with the same details found in the magazine, but also some pictures (screenshots, artworks)!


Today, Capcom revealed several new characters:

  • Rivert (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita): a Hunter known for his superior hunting skills. Mahho introduces the protagonist to him, and that’s where they learn the values of a Hunter;
  • Mahho: a Wyverian who knows about Riders. When the protagonist meets him, they are still amazed by the world of Hunters and their city of Guildekaran);
  • Poppora: a Felyne who always complains about Rivert. They do find him pretty lazy, but at the same time, they’re well aware of his skills as a Hunter. Therefore, it’s not really surprising that they cannot help but look out for him;
  • Limon (one of the Poster Girl Sisters of the Guild): the big sister, who’s pretty easygoing;
  • Mell (one of the Poster Girl Sisters of the Guild): the middle sister, who’s quite cheeky;
  • Muffy (one of the Poster Girl Sisters of the Guild): the little sister, who’s pretty serious and nervous;
  • Gentlas: he lives with Monsters, and simply cannot accept the existence of the Riders. As a result, he is always on his guard when dealing with the protagonist;
  • Famar: she may trust Rivert, but like the other Hunters, she is on her guard when dealing with Riders;
  • Village Chief Norm: he comes from the same village as Rivert, in whom he places a lot of trust. He had to leave his village due to various circumstances, and that’s how he ends up meeting the protagonist.


Capcom also introduces the following Otomon, along with their Ride Action and Kizuna Move:

Stygian Zinogre

  • Ride Action: Jump (allows you to jump across gaps. Can only be used at select places on the fields)
  • Kizuna Move: Cross High Bolt (comes crashing down like a meteorite)


  • Ride Action: Bug Collecting (allows you to look for bugs on the fields. You can see the locations of insects on the bottom screen)
  • Kizuna Move: Barroth Charge (the Barroth digs up a rock and throws it at the opponent)


  • Ride Action: Flight (Allows you to fly freely without running into monsters)
  • Kizuna Move: Shooting Star (the Seregios uses his sharp scales to attack, and cut everything up)


Next, we have a few new locations:

  • Guildekaran: a large and lively city which is home to Hunters (for the most part). That’s where you will find the Hunter Guild;
  • Shakood: a camp run by Hunters. They set it up near a cliff, in order to defend against monsters;
  • Arbarask Village: a village located in the Kuba Desert. This is where Rivert (and Village Chief Norm) comes from. It used to be a prosperous trade city, but due to the sand storms, trade has taken a big hit;
  • Kuba Desert: a Desert where monsters like Cephalos live. It used to be filled with nature, but due to environmental changes, this place has become a desert.


This time, Capcom introduces a new type of Sub Quest: the Production Quests. You can get those at the smith, and completing them allows you to get armour and weapons.


Here’s some additional screencaps from the official website:

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On!

The official website for Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On! was also updated, and revealed three new voice actors:

  • Dan-senpai: Junichi Yanagita
  • Rivert: Tomokazu Sugita
  • Simone: Nana Mizuki

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan. The anime series will debut in October in Japan.

Source: Famitsu
A big thanks to Ash for the translation!


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