Monster Hunter Stories: gameplay video, Funimation to stream the anime series

Last week, Capcom started uploading a second series of Otomon showcase videos. But it looks like the publisher has another series of videos in store for Monster Hunter Stories. In those, Satoshi Inoue (Director) and Ryozo Fujimoto showcase the game, its features, and more… they’re quite long and in-depth, featuring a fair bit of footage.

In the first one, Satoshi Inoue go through the opening of the game (that’s already been showcased several times), with the avatar customisation. After that, we also get to see some exploring, egg hunting, some battles, and more.

Here’s the video:

Talking of Monster Hunter Stories, Funimation announced last week (at Otakon) that they had licenced the anime series, Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On!. They will simulcast each episode every week on their Funimation Now service, though it’s not clear when they will be available.

In Japan, the anime series will air every Sunday at 8.30AM JST (most likely from Sunday 2nd). For this, Fuji TV is creating their first daytime anime timeslot in almost 10 years.

Finally, here’s some more screenshots and pictures of the Monster Hunter Club Premium Event that took place a few days ago in Japan:

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan.




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