Monster Hunter Stories: more Otomon revealed, Otomon Expeditions, new screenshots

Today, with about one month left before release, Capcom has shared some more screenshots for Monster Hunter Stories. Once again, it’s new Otomon (partner monsters) which are revealed.

We have the following:

  • Gravios: known as the Armor Dragon. It can burn enemies to ashes with Magma Riser: with this technique, it shoots a “rod” of lava from its mouth. Its Ride Action is Moving in Magma, which allows you to cross lava;
  • Uragaan: a monster that boasts impressive defense, and an incredibly strong chin that can crush opponents. It can use a technique called Rolling Chute: it rolls on the ground, jump, and then come crashing down on enemies, crushing them with its chin;
  • Gypceros: a monster that can spit poison, but also blind enemies with a flash. In fact, that’s how its special technique, Venom Flash, works: it first blinds the enemy, before spitting poison at them. Its Ride Action is Rush, and it allows you to move faster;
  • Iodrome: a Bird Wyvern that liveq in volcanic regions. Just like the Gypcero, it attacks enemies by spitting poison at them. Its special technique is called Poison Rush, where he jumps in order to attack enemies from the air (enemies are then poisoned). Its Ride Action is Jump.

Finally, Capcom talks about Otomon Expeditions. Since you can only bring a certain number of Otomon with you, in your party, what can you do with the others? Well, you can send them on a little expedition, so they can bring useful goodies (items, materials, etc.).

The expedition takes a certain amount of time (it seems to vary), and you can see how much time there is left before your Otomon is back in the Otomon Expeditions menu. The best thing about all that? Not only your Otomon brings back some useful items and materials, but it also get some XP in the process!

Finally, here’s the latest screenshots for Monster Hunter Stories:

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan.




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