Monster Hunter Rise: launch weeks sales data (Update 5: 5 million units milestone)

Monster Hunter Rise, the first brand new Monster Hunter game on Nintendo Switch, was released last week worldwide (on March 26th to be precise). And today, the first sales data were shared. In this post, you will find all the Week 1 sales data from various sources (Capcom, Famitsu, etc.). It will be updated as new data is shared, so keep checking back!

Update 5: 5 million units milestone

Capcom have sent a press release to announce that Monster Hunter Rise has shipped over 5 million units worldwide (including shipments at retail + digital sales). The company cites “positive reception” to explain those strong sales. And according to David Gibson, Japan still account for over 50% of total sales for the game (so roughly 2.5 million units, including digital).

Source: Capcom PR / David Gibson (Twitter)

Update 4: Famitsu report

The official report from Famitsu is now available. Check out this post for all the details!

Update 3: Japanese retail

David Gibson has shared some more data, this time from the weekly report from Famitsu. It reveals that in Japan, Monster Hunter Rise sold about 1.3 million units at retail (including Download Cards) during launch week, which is slightly less than Monster Hunter World (about 1.35 million units).

Unfortunately, Capcom and retailers severely underestimated demand, for Famitsu reports a 94% sell-through. This means the game was virtually sold out nationwide, and it looks like those shortages are continuing well into the second week (though there has been sporadic shipments this week). A substantial shipment is expected for this weekend.

As expected, the release of the game had a massive impact on Nintendo Switch sales: 267 000 units were sold during that week, which brings total sales to 19 million units since launch. Unfortunately, we don’t know how many units the Monster Hunter Rise bundle sold, as Famitsu never shares separate data for bundles and special models.

Source: David Gibson (Twitter)

Update 2: additional data

David Gibson has shared some additional data, and revealed that Japan accounts for about 50% of total sales for Monster Hunter Rise during launch week. That means it sold about 2 million units at launch, which is more than Animal Crossing: New Horizons (excluding digital).

Also, digital account for about 40% of worldwide sales, which is a really strong number.

Source: David Gibson (Twitter)

Update 1: worldwide shipments

Capcom have sent a press release to announce that Monster Hunter Rise has shipped over 4 million units worldwide for its launch week (exact number isn’t known). Unfortunately, no regional breakdown provided, so we will have to wait until Famitsu have shared their report to find out how many units were sold in Japan and in the rest of the world.

Also, Capcom’s press release does not specify whether the 4 million units figure includes digital, but as this kind of PR generally does, it’s pretty safe to assume that digital copies are indeed included. Digital sales are expected to be a pretty high in Japan, as the game was virtually sold out in Japan (with the next shipment expected in early April).

In comparison, the previous mainline entry (Monster Hunter World) sold about 5 million units during its launch week.

Source: Capcom



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