Monster Hunter Generations: video interview, DLC screenshots (JP)


We just added over 45 screenshots from the English version of Monster Hunter Generations. You will find them below!

Monster Hunter GenerationsThis week, Ryozo Tsujimoto (Producer of the Monster Hunter series) and Shintaro Kojima (Producer) were both in Europe for a European tour. It was the occasion for them to come meet the community of Monster Hunter fans in several countries, but also give interviews to the press about Monster Hunter Generations (coming out on July 15th in Europe and North America).

NintendoLife uploaded their video interview yesterday evening. They asked the following questions to Ryozo Tsujimoto and Shintaro Kojima:

  • What’s so different about Monster Hunter Generations compared to previous games, especially Monster Hunter 4?
  • Why did they add Prowler mode?
  • Why isn’t the game using amiibo?
  • Is there any unannounced cross-overs coming? (They mentioned exclusive content created for the western release of the game, to be announced soon)
  • What’s your favorite weapons?

Talking of the European tour, here’s some pictures from Dr8kHunt6r (Community Manager at Capcom):

There’s also 48 screenshots from the English version of the game to discover: we placed them all after the break!

In Japan, Capcom has released two additional quests today (HR8 and HR4 respectively), with more to come next week (on May 27th).

Here’s some screenshots for those Event Quests:

Monster Hunter Generations (3DS) comes out on July 15th in Europe and North America. Both regions will get a bundle including the game + a special New Nintendo 3DS model.

Source: Famitsu



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