Minecraft: Wii U Edition – Tumble mini-game to be added later today

Later today, online services for Minecraft: Wii U Edition will be down for maintenance. Wondering what this is all about? It’s actually pretty simple: it’s for a new update! But this is not another stability update: it will also bring a brand new mini game, called Tumble.

The developers describe Tumble as a “frantic competitive clash in which players destroy the very floor beneath their enemies’ feet, sending them plummeting to their doom.” It’s actually inspired by a popular fan-made game, Spleef. Just like with the Battle mini-game, players will not have to worry re-setting maps between matches or even keeping score: the game will do it for them.

Tumble will be available in two variants:

  • in the first one, players throw snowballs
  • in the second one, players use shovels

Each match consists of a best of three, on a series of semi-randomised maps. Naturally, each map has its own layers of differing materials and hazards to take into account. For example, one of them has blocks with slime, while another one has TNT stuck to the bottom of blocks.

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots for the Tumble mini-game:

Finally, this update will also bring another map pack for the Battle mini-game. It costs $2.99, and includes the following:

  • Castle
  • Shipyard
  • Invasion

Patchnotes for this new update for Minecraft: Wii U Edition will be added to this post as soon as we have them!

Source: Mojang



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