Minecraft Legends: latest videos

Minecraft Legends is the latest game in the Minecraft “series”, and it comes out just next month worlwide. Developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, this one is a action-strategy game, and tasks you with exploring a vast open world in order to defeat hordes of ravenous piglins and save the Overworld.

Over the past few weeks/months, Mojang Studios shared some videos for the game. Let’s start with a commercial:

Next, we have a Dev Diary video that goes over the art, and how the game came to look like it does:

Minecraft Legends’ Overworld is a sight to behold, no matter where you look – just don’t lose sight of those piglins! Learn more about how this vivid world came to be in this Dev Diary. Join Julia, Lisha, and Addy from Blackbird Interactive and Telemachus from Mojang Studios as they talk about the unique details and design decisions that make the Overworld of Minecraft Legends feel so alive.

The second Dev Diary video is all about sound effects and music!

From popping balloons and tapping on bike spokes to recording an actual orchestra, the team went all in to give Minecraft Legends the perfect soundscape. Join Crispin from Lionshead, Sashen from Blackbird Interactive, and Samuel from Mojang Studios as they tell (and show) us how they made the Overworld of Minecraft Legends sound brand new, yet still familiar.

And finally, the third Dev Diary video is all about PvP!

Piglins aren’t the only opponent you can take on in Minecraft Legends! PvP is a significant part of the game, and we’re here with our friends from Blackbird Interactive to explain why it’s so much chaotic fun. Join Pete, Lee, Kyle, and Dennis to learn how PvP works in Legends, from building strategically to straight-up sabotaging your beloved friends.

Minecraft Legends (Switch) comes out on April 18th in Europe and North America, and April 19th in Japan.


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