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Miitomo getting a new update on Thursday, will bring Mii creation to “Nintendo Switch standards”

A few days ago, we wrote about Miitomo topping 10 million downloads on Android, and pointed out that the game had not received any update since April (and no update with new features since February). It’s a clear sign that Nintendo isn’t really interested in Miitomo anymore, but it looks like the company hasn’t completely given up on it just yet.

Yesterday, it was announced that Miitomo would finally get a new update on Thursday (August 31st). Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s much in store for this one, but there is still one major and pretty neat change coming: Mii creation will be brought to “Nintendo Switch standards”. Basically, the Mii editor will now offer new skin and hair colours, but also more glasses options, and more.  Everything you can already find on Switch.

Also, this update will also offer the usual “performance improvements”, though it’s not clear what will change.

An important thing to note about this update is that it will be mandatory: you will have to update Miitomo if you want to keep using it. The update will be released following a 4 hour-long maintenance period: you can check out this post for more details (including when it will take place in your region). You will not be able to use the app at all while the maintenance is ongoing.

Naturally, more details about the update (such as the official patch notes) will be added to this post when it’s finally live, and we will have a separate post in case this update includes more than what was initially announced!

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