Medabots 9: first details and screenshots, release date

This week, Famitsu revealed that a brand new entry in the Medabots series was in the works for the Nintendo 3DS.

Called Medabots 9, the game will feature a new cast of characters, with Tenma as the protagonist. It begins with Tenma getting trapped, and then getting some help from a mysterious Medabot he doesn’t recognise (which is apparently the main enemy).While escaping, Tenma see a strange man also leaving, and he meets him several days later at a school meeting.

Famitsu magazine gives us the name of several characters:

  • Mio
  • Lapis (Mio’s Medabot)
  • Kunigiku
  • Sango (Kunigiku’s Medabot)

We also have the name of several staff members:

  • Shinto Kamichi (Character design)
  • Horuma Rin (Medabot design)
  • Masaki Wachi (Story, also worked on the Garo: Guren no Tsuki anime series)

Medabots 9 will have over 300 Medabots, as well as the 3 vs 3 battle system the series is known for. According to the developers, the game’s development is also complete (80%), which isn’t all too surprising since it will be released on December 24th in Japan. First print copies will include a soundtrack CD.

Here’s the first official screenshots for the game:

Medabot 9: Kabuto Ver. / Kuwagata Ver. (3DS) will come out on December 24th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu
Via: Project Rising Beetle



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