Mario Sports Superstars: trailer for golf, more screenshots

Today, Nintendo uploaded the 3rd trailer for Mario Sports Superstars, which showcases another of the 5 full-fledged sports: Golf. As mentioned in this post, that sports offers pretty much the same gameplay experience as Mario Golf: World Tour, and is in fact developed by Camelot. And the trailer uploaded today by Nintendo shows just that!

It introduces some of the courses you will be able to compete on:

  • Emerald Woods (“standard” course)
  • Crystal Beach (beach)
  • Gold Links (autumnal)

We also get a look at the options screen, which offers the following:

  • Holes: 9, 6, or 3
  • Shuffle: On or Off
  • Tee Position: Regular, Back, or Tournament
  • Flight Path: On or Off
  • Wind: Weak, Strong, Random

As for the bottom screen when playing, it displays the usual elements:

  • Backspin (can also use B+B)
  • Super Backspin (can also use B+A)
  • Topspin (can also A+A)
  • Super Topspin (can also A+B)
  • the gauge for your shots

Here’s the third trailer for Mario Sports Superstars, showcasing Golf:

But that’s not all: earlier this week, Nintendo also confirmed that the Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards would launch on March 30th in Japan, on the same day as the game itself. They will be sold in packs of 5 cards (selected at random), that will cost 400 Yen.

The company also shared a few more screenshots for the game:

Mario Sports Superstars (3DS) comes out on March 10th in Europe, March 24th in North America, and March 30th in Japan.

Source: Nintendo



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