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Fire Emblem making-ofOn Saturday, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released the Making of Fire Emblem book, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the series. It includes plenty of details about the development of the series, never-seen-before production materials, interviews, and so much more. The book itself is pretty thick, as seenn on that picture posted by Kozaki Yuusuke on his Twitter account:

Thanks to, we have some preview pages for the book. The first one is about Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, and shows the game was intially planned for 1 to 2 players (instead of 1 to 4, in the final version). It was also described as Fantasy RPG, and not a Strategy RPG like the other titles in the series.

The second preview page has an interview of Nami Komuro (character planner and scenario writer), in which she explains how the character came to be, and more. There’s also a fact sheet, with Jakob’s height and age censored: this is apparently a policy the developers had, forbidding such information to be revealed to fans.

The third preview page has an interview with Kouhei Maeda and Masahiro Higuchi, in which they talk about how Fire Emblem Awakening was originally meant to be the last entry in the series (due to declining sales). Internally, the game was known as “Fire Emblem Fin: The Children from the Brink”. They also considered setting the game on Mars (which was already discussed in the Iwata Asks interview for the game).

We learn that some of the ideas were “transferred” to Genei Ibun Roku #FE, though in the end, Atlus ended up making a modern-day RPG with Fire Emblem elements instead of modern-day Fir Emblem.

Here’s the preview pages:

You can order the Making of Fire Emblem book on!

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