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Joggernauts (Switch): Software updates

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the Software updates for Joggernauts on Nintendo Switch (originally released on October 11th 2018 in Europe and North America).

How to download updates for Joggernauts for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Joggernauts on Nintendo Switch, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game’s icon in the Home Menu and press – or + to get to the options screen. The version number is displayed below the title.

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Joggernauts – Ver. ??? (BFF Update)

  • Release date: December 19th 2018 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

Adds new playable characters:

Cowpokes from West of Loathing. He was found in a makeshift saloon, which is odd because normally space ships don’t have saloons, and definitely not in their cargo rooms. I mean, there was that one TNG episode, but… well, nevermind.
Hue and Val from Runbow. They were discovered trying to turn a box of Switchalizer 5000s into some sort of color-based racing game.
CommanderVideo from BIT.TRIP Runner. He managed to climb a set of stairs, slide into an escape pod, and land on the moon Splizorp. He should be easy to find in one of the new levels, though.

Update Modifiers Menu – In Joggernauts you can modify certain aspects of the game, such as the game’s speed and the number of shared hearts for your team. In the update you can now access the Modifiers menu during level play from the pause menu. You will have to restart the level from the nearest checkpoint, but it is a lot more convenient than having to go back to the world map to make changes.

Game Difficulty Updates – Even with these Modifiers, we’ve had feedback that some levels had sections that were too difficult for even the best runners. We agreed! We’ve made some minor mechanical changes you might not even notice visually, but that will hopefully make the learning curve not so steep.

  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Space Mace PR


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