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[Japan] Virtual Console line-up for September 30th and next week

This week, three titles were added to the Wii U Virtual Console line-up in Japan:

  • Metroid Prime Hunters (Nintendo, Nintendo DS): 950 Yen

  • Gradius (Konami, MSX): 823 Yen

  • Rushing Beat (Hamster, Super Famicom): 823 Yen

Here’s the Play Movies for these three games (head after the break for the second and third videos!):

Finally, here’s the Wii U Virtual Console line-up for next week (October 7th) in Japan:

  • Kaitou Wario: The Seven / Wario: Master of Diguise (Nintendo, Nintendo DS): 950 Yen

  • Kanshaku Tamanage Kantarou no Tokaido Gojusan-tsugi (Sunsoft, Famicom): 514 Yen

Source: Nintendo


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